Monday, January 14, 2008

Full Of Love

Sit down with your partner and remember all the things that you have done together. Write them all on pieces of paper and get a really BIG box and put them in it. Everytime something happens that you want to remember forever, write it down and put it in the box. Then, whenever you miss the person, just pick one out and read it to remember how much you love that person.

Oh My Appetite!

It seems like a vicious cycle. You exercise to lose weight, but the more you exercise, the more you build up an appetite, and the more you eat. Right?Not so, says the International Journal of Obesity Related Medical Disorders. Exercise doesn't increase appetite, and you won't automatically eat more just because you've worked off a few extra calories.In fact, there is really no such thing as working up an appetite. What there is, is working up to a feeling that you deserve a treat for all that hard work.What you have to watch out for is rewarding yourself for working or playing hard by eating or drinking more calories than you've burned.So next time, just celebrate with water.

Edge Flower Beds

To save yourself hours of weeding later in summer, apply an edging around your flower beds before grass and weeds from the surrounding lawn become invasive. Look for a metal or rubber edging that that can be pushed at least six inches into the soil.

Great Food & Company

Why not enjoy an evening dining on appetizers and desserts? Invite a group of friends over one evening and have each couple bring either an appetizer or a dessert.

* This totally saves on money, time,food oh yea did I mention dishes- great way to get to know ur friends also through their food tastes- very important! This is also just a fun idea,everyone can participate, and if your dieting- excellent way to not fall off by eating a lot less!