Monday, May 4, 2009

Best (FRUGAL) Vacation Ever!

Summer is basically here and the time is right to plan a vacation for two, or the whole family. Tight budget? Last vacation still in your heart and on your credit card? Dying to go somewhere special,great or amazing? Don't think it's possible THIS year?? Relax...I have the solution! Trust me these sites have very good budget-friendly tips and options- remember anything is possible and there's no cure for the summertime blues. From camping to skiing look below to see how much you and family can save and where you can go:

1.Incredible travel packages
2.Farm stays (Pennsylvania,Vermont) http:/ ** Also you can google any state's name under "farmstay"
3.Short road trips
4.Ski Resorts (really good for vacation rentals)
5. State park lodges (South Dakota)** Also google any state under "state park" and look for lodging
6. City visits and short road trips
7. Family camps ** Also google your state and "family camp"


Have a great frugal vacation!