Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rush Hour Plan + Kit

What can I do to avoid gridlock?

Traffic standstill is like the great white shark in Jaws. As soon as you pull into the line at the on-ramp, you can hear the eerie soundtrack. It’s out there, it’s coming, and our best minds can’t seem to stop it.

The best way to avoid it, of course, is not to be there when it happens. So plan ahead. Check the radio for alerts and warnings. Read the newspaper in the morning to find out what’s going on in your community and when it’s happening. Then do what your department of transportation should have done for you years ago: work out perimeter routes. You’ll cover more distance, but in the long run, they’ll save you extra hours of anger, frustration, and a possible angioplasty.

Even with the most carefully planned escape routes, though, you can still get stuck. So be prepared. Depending upon where we live in this nation, we motorists carry a variety of disaster caches in the trunks of our cars. We’re ready for blizzards, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods -- you name it. However, we never seem to be prepared for the hours of grinding, infuriating, despair caused by gridlock and traffic jams, which are increasingly a simple fact of life.

I never leave home without my wait-it-out kit. It contains books on tape to take me out of there metaphysically if not physically, energy bars to sustain me and several large containers of my favorite bottled water to hydrate me. A cell phone and a Prozac or two are optional.

One last tip: Turn off your engine after five minutes of idling. If it overheats, when Officer Moses parts the traffic to let everyone through, you’ll be sitting there steaming and may become the cause of another major traffic tie-up.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fruit Tease

Here is something fun to try with your honey to entice your evening into passion filled ectasy....
If you enjoy doing something different for your mate, this is it.
Fill the tub with water and bubbles.
Then, fill the top of the water with slices of lemon, orange, limes and grapes. Light candles around the bath.
Place a small table or stool within easy reach and leave your love's favorite book and cool drink on it. Let your love relax in the fruit scented bath. They will love it! You can also serve this book or drink in a hot outfit or nude- hey you might even be invited to hop into the tub!

Shade Tree Gardener

Gardening Under Shade Trees

If the soil under the tree is dry and root-clogged to the point where you have difficulty digging a hole, you may have to improve the soil before you can plant. A layer of organic material several inches deep is the best remedy. The tree will provide you with an abundance of organic material in the form of leaves. Chop them to the size of fifty-cent pieces with a bagging lawn mower and spread them under the tree. Sprinkle them with compost activator and keep them moist. Repeat this procedure annually until the leaves have rotted into a deep humus. Earthworms will move in and loosen the subsoil, making it possible to plant the shade garden of your dreams.

If you’re in a hurry to create your shade garden, fill your bed with container plants while you build your soil.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Swerve Away From Road Rage

Has the whole world caught road rage?

It used to be that when people got angry they would take a long drive and cool off. Today, it's more like they take a long drive to take their anger out on somebody else. Where it used to take two to tangle, police reports now show that an increasing number of vehicular and car-related personal assaults have absolutely no inciting factors. More and more drivers are taking out their frustrations by deliberately attacking innocent drivers.

Arrive Alive is the official slogan printed on some state's license plates. What it means is: Don't let road rage ruin your day or life.

To avoid problems try these tips:

Avoid eye contact. Eyes on the road.
Do not shout, threaten, tease, or flip off other drivers for any reason.
Use your horn only if absolutely necessary.
Give speeders, road hogs, weavers and cutters the right of way.
If someone is threatening to attack you, or is following you, drive to the nearest police station, highway patrol or sheriff's station.
Notify the police immediately about any deliberately hostile or aggressive driving actions against you or others.
Always keep your seat belt fastened. Your chances of surviving an accident are greatly increased if buckled in.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Address Labeled

Smart new ways to use address labels

I have so many address labels because I get them for free most of the time, I wonder what to do with them all
I have come across some great ways to put them to use:

Like to loan out books?
place a address label on the inside cover, which is a great reminder to the borrower

Going to a potluck?
Place a address label on the bottom side of the dish, and the hostess will know which one is yours

Hate to lick envelopes?
Apply a address label to the back flap and there will be no need to lick at all!

Love to sign up for sales?
Try this next time you go shopping
put a bunch of address labels in your purse so you can quickly add yourself to store mailing lists

Like to make your own?
Did you know Microsoft Word lets you make your own address labels on your computer?
It's easy and inexpensive!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Teen Dental Wear

Tooth Decayers

You have to take care of your teeth because you know you don't get a second chance. Once they're gone, they're gone.

So here's a Community Dental Health report on the major causes of dental wear among teens.

On the list of things you shouldn't do:

Grind your teeth
Eat most kinds of pickles
Drink soda

On the list of things that you can do without risking your teeth:

Have a stomach upset
Be overweight
Not brush after every meal
Eat ketchup
Eat pickled onions

***Have a great smile even if you don't do it much- it is a priceless way to open many doors to warm friendliness

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Saving in the Garden

Spring-Flowering Shrubs

Cut back your spring-flowering shrubs as soon as the blooms have faded. Many spring-flowering shrubs will begin forming the buds for next year’s blossoms this spring, and if you wait too long to prune them you will end up clipping off next year’s flowers.

**Slow evaporation of water by using layers of mulch around your trees and plants. This will also save time by keeping weeds at bay.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Ugh! 3's A Crowd

Best Way To Fix Up Friends

Most times we want to fix up our lonely and unhappy friends, because it just makes life for everyone a lot easier
three's a crowd anyone? Exactly- who wants to put up with the unattached friend everytime there is a social gathering?
I don't and neither do you-right? Ok so lets say the friend resents being set up, or you always pick the wrong guy or girl when you do? I have a great tip that works way better for all involved.
Throw a party and invite all the single people you and your spouse know. When you have eveyone gathered together
bring up something they have in common and leave them alone to discuss it- great ice breaker and
no will accuse you of matchmaking!- Give this a try,it works. If you notice after awhile conversation has died in the group
walk back in and do the same thing, bring up something else they all have in common. Also remember not to take the outcome personally -remember alls fair in love an matchmaking!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Red Pepper Spray?!

Make Your Own Insecticide

Red pepper spray is a good general insecticide and is especially effective against caterpillars. You’ll have to use this homemade spray more often than a chemical spray, but it’s much gentler on the environment. For your own safety, wear gloves when handling peppers and pepper spray.

Red Pepper Spray Concentrate:
1 unpeeled onion
1 unpeeled head of garlic
1 tablespoon cayenne pepper
3 pints water
1. Chop onion and garlic and combine all ingredients in a saucepan. Simmer 20 minutes.

2. Cool and store in jars in the refrigerator for 6 weeks.

3. Strain and store in jars.

To use, dilute 1 tablespoon of concentrate with 1 pint of water. Add a little Ivory snow. Shake and spray on plant.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

When Good Parts Go Bad

Here are some ways to tell if you have worn shocks or struts:

Excessive bounces (3 or more) after crossing a dip.
Vehicle rocks back and forth after stopping.
Vehicle drifts left or right when braking hard.
Vehicle rocks side to side when changing lanes.

Recognize any of these signs of impending strut or shock failure? Think now. Sometimes, these symptoms sneak up so gradually, motorists think that's the way the car always reacted. Okay, now that you've considered it again, and might consider that something may be wrong, take it to a good repair tech who will (or should) look for any of the following potential or actual trouble spots:
Leaking shock or strut. The component is losing fluid and can't provide the correct resistance.
Coil clash. Topping and bottoming of the spring coils created by too much suspension travel.
Broken or loose mounts. Shock or strut connection may be broken at either end.
Broken or damaged piston rod. Unit can't operate properly.

Any of these symptoms can be signs of a damaged shock or strut. Not only can that damaged or worn component affect your ride comfort but it can also drastically affect your safety comfort because the entire front-end alignment, the steering, the braking and overall handling can be headed toward heavy damage and so can your entire vehicle and you