Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Address Labeled

Smart new ways to use address labels

I have so many address labels because I get them for free most of the time, I wonder what to do with them all
I have come across some great ways to put them to use:

Like to loan out books?
place a address label on the inside cover, which is a great reminder to the borrower

Going to a potluck?
Place a address label on the bottom side of the dish, and the hostess will know which one is yours

Hate to lick envelopes?
Apply a address label to the back flap and there will be no need to lick at all!

Love to sign up for sales?
Try this next time you go shopping
put a bunch of address labels in your purse so you can quickly add yourself to store mailing lists

Like to make your own?
Did you know Microsoft Word lets you make your own address labels on your computer?
It's easy and inexpensive!

1 comment:

msladydeborah said...

At last someone has a practical use for these labels!

I receive them all the time and I almost forget that I own them.

This is a great way to use them. I'll have to stick some inside of my purse.

Now if I can just remember that they are there :-)