Thursday, March 20, 2008

Swerve Away From Road Rage

Has the whole world caught road rage?

It used to be that when people got angry they would take a long drive and cool off. Today, it's more like they take a long drive to take their anger out on somebody else. Where it used to take two to tangle, police reports now show that an increasing number of vehicular and car-related personal assaults have absolutely no inciting factors. More and more drivers are taking out their frustrations by deliberately attacking innocent drivers.

Arrive Alive is the official slogan printed on some state's license plates. What it means is: Don't let road rage ruin your day or life.

To avoid problems try these tips:

Avoid eye contact. Eyes on the road.
Do not shout, threaten, tease, or flip off other drivers for any reason.
Use your horn only if absolutely necessary.
Give speeders, road hogs, weavers and cutters the right of way.
If someone is threatening to attack you, or is following you, drive to the nearest police station, highway patrol or sheriff's station.
Notify the police immediately about any deliberately hostile or aggressive driving actions against you or others.
Always keep your seat belt fastened. Your chances of surviving an accident are greatly increased if buckled in.


The All Seeing Eye said...

These are great suggestions. It's is always better to live another day than engage in some petty argument.

aor said...

Excellent driving tips. May I add please, for me driving is feeling--when driving a certain vehicle, the one who is holding the wheel must always feel that the vehicle itself is an extension of his or her own body. The driver must have the slightest feeling of the vehicle's every movement and sound it might produce while or during driving...all the best from, aor