Saturday, May 14, 2016

Eco Friendly Education

Ever wonder if you're eco friendly enough? Ever ask yourself What can I or my family do to help the environment? What if you have questions on proper disposal of household items? Is there more information to protect and preserve the environment for future generations? Lots of questions and deep thinking... But who has some great info and advice, tips on your goal to become more environmentally aware? I found out! I love this site its so awesome and unique.. Go here: You can easily learn from their tips, advice and guidance how to make better eco friendly decisions on everything from travel, garbage disposal, shopping and more. Easy ways to learn (quizzes, slideshows etc..) Did I mention you earn redeemable points for every learning task you complete? Amazing items you can get all from your interest and passion for our precious earth- check it out its 100% free & let me know what you learned!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Swine Flu 101


This summer, the virus has been surprisingly tenacious in the U.S., refusing to fade away as flu viruses usually do.

A White House report from an expert panel suggests that from 30 percent to half the population could catch swine flu during the course of this pandemic and that from 30,000 to 90,000 could die.

So how worried should you be and how do you prepare? Well... Here are 10 things you should know to be flu-savvy.

1. No cause for panic.

So far, swine flu isn't much more threatening than regular seasonal flu.

During the few months of this new flu's existence, hospitalizations and deaths from it seem to be lower than the average seen for seasonal flu, and the virus hasn't dramatically mutated. That's what health officials have observed in the Southern Hemisphere where flu season is now winding down.

Still, more people are susceptible to swine flu and U.S. health officials are worried because it hung in so firmly here during the summer — a time of year the flu usually goes away.

2. Virus tougher on some.

Swine flu is more of a threat to certain groups — children under 2, pregnant women, people with health problems like asthma, diabetes and heart disease. Teens and young adults are also more vulnerable to swine flu.

Ordinary, seasonal flu hits older people the hardest, but not swine flu. Scientists think older people may have some immunity from exposure years earlier to viruses similar to swine flu.

3. Wash your hands often and long.

Like seasonal flu, swine flu spreads through the coughs and sneezes of people who are sick. Emphasize to children that they should wash with soap and water long enough to finish singing the alphabet song, "Now I know my ABC's..." Also use alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

4. Get the kids vaccinated.

These groups should be first in line for swine flu shots, especially if vaccine supplies are limited — people 6 months to 24 years old, pregnant women, health care workers.

Also a priority: Parents and caregivers of infants, people with those high-risk medical conditions previously noted.

5. Get your shots early.

Millions of swine flu shots should be available by October. If you are in one of the priority groups, try to get your shot as early as possible.

Check with your doctor or local or state health department about where to do this. Many children should be able to get vaccinated at school. Permission forms will be sent home in advance.

6. Immunity takes awhile.

Even those first in line for shots won't have immunity until around Thanksgiving.

That's because it's likely to take two shots, given three weeks apart, to provide protection. And it takes a week or two after the last shot for the vaccine to take full effect.

The regular seasonal flu shot should be widely available in September. People over 50 are urged to be among the first to get that shot.

7. Vaccines are being tested.

Health officials presume the swine flu vaccine is safe and effective, but they're testing it to make sure.

The federal government has begun studies in eight cities across the country to assess its effectiveness and figure out the best dose.

8. Help! Surrounded by swine flu.

If an outbreak of swine flu hits your area before you're vaccinated, be extra cautious.

Stay away from public gathering places like malls, sports events and churches. Try to keep your distance from people in general. Keep washing those hands and keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth.

9. What if you get sick?

If you have other health problems or are pregnant and develop flu-like symptoms, call your doctor right away. You may be prescribed Tamiflu or Relenza. These drugs can reduce the severity of swine flu if taken right after symptoms start.

If you develop breathing problems (rapid breathing for kids), pain in your chest, constant vomiting or a fever that keeps rising, go to an emergency room.

Most people, though, should just stay home and rest. Cough into your elbow or shoulder. Stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever breaks. Fluids and pain relievers like Tylenol can help with achiness and fever. Always check with a doctor before giving children any medicines. Adult cold and flu remedies are not for them.

10. No swine flu from barbecue.

You can't catch swine flu from pork — or poultry either (even though it recently turned up in turkeys in Chile). Swine flu is not spread by handling meat, whether it's raw or cooked.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Yummy Rainbow Salsa!

A rainbow array of height-of-the-season tomatoes makes an incomparably beautiful salsa. The precise amounts of tomatoes, tomatillos and hot peppers can vary. Other produce also can be added, such as cooked sweet corn or scallions.

You can use any of the red tomatoes, such as the Ponderosa and Livingston varieties. Use this salsa as a dip or as a topping for tortillas or omelets. Here is the receipe- ENJOY!

Start to finish: 30 minutes

Makes about 4 cups

½ cup diced red onion

1 teaspoon salt

½ pound (about 6) ripe tomatillos

2 to 2½ pounds fresh tomatoes (a blend of sizes and colors)

1 medium-hot chili, such as serrano or jalapeno, or 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes

2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro

1 clove garlic, minced

In a small bowl, mix the onion and salt. Let stand for 20 minutes.

Peel and rinse the tomatillos. If desired, they can be roasted on a baking sheet for 15 minutes at 350 F, then cooled. This is especially good if the tomatillos are not fully ripe (they should be yellow-green or purplish when ripe).

Roughly chop the tomatillos. Dice all the larger tomatoes. Cut any small cherry or grape tomatoes in half and large ones into 4 to 8 pieces. Currant-sized tomatoes should be used whole.

In a medium bowl, combine all the tomatoes and tomatillos.

Dice the chili. If you do not want a hot salsa, carefully remove the seeds and the membranes from the pepper before dicing. Gently stir the chili, cilantro, garlic and salted onion into the tomatoes. Add additional salt to taste.

Let stand for 20 minutes before serving. The salsa is best the day it is made, but it will keep refrigerated for about a week.

(Recipe from Lawrence Davis-Hollander, author of “Tomato: A Fresh-from-the-Vine Cookbook”)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gov't Gone Mobile

I am so happy to pass this latest tip on to my readers as I have come across a new program for the cash strapped. The Government has teamed up with Lifeline and LinkUp to provide discounted and FREE cellular service. If you are enrolled in the following programs you are already qualified to receive a free cell phone and free rollover minutes every month. Signup is easy and free too! And yes,any additional minutes you may need (you automatically receive 50 FREE mins. every single month you are enrolled) can be purchased at multiple locations for a very low price. If you receive one or more of the following government assistance go here to sign up:( Also you can signup and ask questions call 1-877-870-9333 OR 1-877-870-9444
Do you receive any of the following? Required for the free cell phone and free mins. program!

1. Medicaid
2. Food stamps
3. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
4. Federal Public Housing (Section 8)
5. The National School Free Lunch Program
6. Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)
7. Low Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEP)

*You can only have one cell phone through this new service per household. If you already have a cell phone you can try and see if it can be activated through Reachout Wireless ( it has to be compatible with their system)

*Also if you already have landline or cellular service through Lifeline you are ineligible for this service

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Frugal Notebook Benefits

A frugal notebook is a place to organize all these useful tools. It’s easy to put together and cheap, too. All you need is a binder, page protectors, dividers, index cards and a few printable forms, such as a calendar and checklists to get started. Many people store their information on their computer, but it’s nice to have a portable binder or index cards to slip into your wallet or pocket and a hard copy as a backup. Not only will this help you manage your time and home; it can be a great gift, too.

Category sections can include:

CALENDAR: For family member’s schedules, special occasions and meal planning.

FAMILY: This can include gift ideas and gift-closet inventory, clothing sizes and clothes inventory, recent photos and library-card information. You can also include school information such as progress reports, lunch menus and school-contact information. Organize your holiday planning, such as addresses to send cards, wish lists and decorating ideas, too.

HOME: Include information such as chore charts, home-maintenance schedule, cleaning routines, stain guides, homemade cleaner recipes, contact information for bills such as utilities, loans, cable, cell phones, Internet and waste management.

You can have a section for your home budget, too. Save any account statements, warranties, appliance manuals and receipts. You can add store hours, phone numbers and policies, too. Your garden journal can be added to this section. It can contain information such as plant care, seed starting, layouts and design, chores and frost dates.

HEALTH: Add information such as immunization records, fitness journals, insurance information, prescription information and doctor and emergency-contact numbers, such as closest contact if you’re unavailable, local hospital or poison control. If you have pets, you can add their medical records, too.

FOOD: Create and store your meal plans, recipes, cooking substitutions and kitchen tips such as conversions, homemade mixes, food storage and freezer- and pantry-inventory lists, your price book, coupons, rebate information, seasonal foods, takeout menus and master grocery list.

FUN: This can be a running list of activities to do on weekends, breaks and vacations. It can include free local entertainment, crafts and homemade craft recipes and projects, and movie and reading lists, too.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Frugal Fun For Kids

Summer is nearing and the kids wants to play and have fun. Of course you want them too and spending time with them can be great, but it can also be redundant. The zoo and the park are always the classic kid friendly experience- but lets kick it up a notch. I like the following for being unique,easy and creative.
Many old-fashioned activities and outdoor games are making a comeback, but with a fresh twist. They’re homemade and often with materials you already have at home. Coincidentally, they’re frugal, too. What types of frugal activities can you do?

Here are a few fun ideas:

SENSORY BAG: You can make a sensory bag that kids (and you) will love to squish. You’ll need a plastic zip-closure baggie, hair gel, craft foamies, glitter and clear Contac paper. Fill the bag with the craft supplies and gel. Seal the bag closed and then sandwich the bag between two pieces of Contac paper. This will prevent leaking.

SIDEWALK PAINT: You’ll need ¼ cup of cornstarch, ½ cup water and food coloring. Combine the cornstarch and water. Using a small container, mix until smooth. Add a few drops of food coloring. You can make a few batches of different colors. Kids can use paintbrushes, foam paint rollers or sponges to paint the sidewalk.

WINDOW PAINT: Mix together equal parts dishwashing liquid and washable liquid paint or powdered tempera. Mix until it’s a creamy consistency. Use paintbrushes. Easy to clean from windows with a moist paper towel, too.

FLUBBER: This makes oozing, gooey, cold and wet play goop.

2⅓ cups warm water

Food coloring, optional

2 cups Elmer’s school glue

3 tablespoons borax

In one container, mix 2 cups warm water, food coloring and glue. Stir until glue has dissolved. In a separate container, combine ⅓ cup warm water and borax. Stir until borax has dissolved. Add borax solution to glue mixture, and mix with hands for about 5 minutes. Pour out extra water. Let sit for a few minutes on a tray before playing. Store in airtight container.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Best (FRUGAL) Vacation Ever!

Summer is basically here and the time is right to plan a vacation for two, or the whole family. Tight budget? Last vacation still in your heart and on your credit card? Dying to go somewhere special,great or amazing? Don't think it's possible THIS year?? Relax...I have the solution! Trust me these sites have very good budget-friendly tips and options- remember anything is possible and there's no cure for the summertime blues. From camping to skiing look below to see how much you and family can save and where you can go:

1.Incredible travel packages
2.Farm stays (Pennsylvania,Vermont) http:/ ** Also you can google any state's name under "farmstay"
3.Short road trips
4.Ski Resorts (really good for vacation rentals)
5. State park lodges (South Dakota)** Also google any state under "state park" and look for lodging
6. City visits and short road trips
7. Family camps ** Also google your state and "family camp"


Have a great frugal vacation!

Monday, April 20, 2009


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Friday, March 27, 2009

Ten Fuel Saving Tips

Get the most out of your usually expensive fuel by trying out these tips and tricks

1.Avoid High Speeds
As your speed increases, your aerodynamic drag increases in an exponential fashion. Driving 62 mph (100 km/h) vs 75 mph (120 km/h) will reduce fuel consumption by about 15%.
2.Do Not Accelerate or Brake Hard
By anticipating the traffic and applying slow steady acceleration and braking, fuel economy may increase by as much as 20%.
3.Keep Tires Properly Inflated
Keep tire air pressure at the level recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. A single tire under inflated by 2 PSI, increases fuel consumption by 1%.
4.Use A/C Sparingly
When the air conditioner is on it puts extra load on the engine forcing more fuel to be used (by about 20%). The defrost position on most vehicles also uses the air conditioner.
5.Keep Windows Closed
Windows open, especially at highway speeds, increase drag and result in decreased fuel economy of up to 10%.
6.Service Vehicle Regularly
Proper maintenance avoids poor fuel economy related to dirty air filters, old spark plugs or low fluid levels.
7.Use Cruise Control
Maintaining a constant speed over long distances often saves gas.
8.Avoid Heavy Loads
Remove the sand bags from your trunk in the spring and pack lightly for long trips.
9.Avoid Long Idles
If you anticipate being stopped for more than 1 minute, shut off the car. Restarting the car uses less fuel than letting it idle for this time.
10.Purchase a Fuel Efficient Vehicle
When buying a new vehicle examine the vehicle's rated fuel efficiency. Usually choosing a small vehicle with a manual transmission will provide you with great fuel economy.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Should You Work For Avon?

I know, I know you see the t.v. commercial all the time right? Be your own boss,work your own hours, never get laid off,never get fired etc... Yea I know the Avon commercial is a real seller to the unemployed,laid-off,down sized, part-time, one income only,homemaker and all the like - right? wrong, or MAYBE... My mother was approached by an Avon Rep, who wanted to hand out her brochures and recruit warm bodies looking for extra income- why my mother gave up my name and number is beyond me- am I broke, does my job suck, do I wish to be my own boss, have unlimited earning potential- operate from home, the Internet, and on the street- at the mall even- absolutely! Ok so I was like yea I have seen the commercial ALOT lately and I wonder what is the scoop on being a Avon salesperson- what do they have to offer- can I gain anything from working with them?? Hmmm- the Avon sales rep called and before I knew it,I was writing down all the information on the company and the benefits of being an Avon salesperson. Here is the real truth (yea what they leave out of those commercials):

1. It does cost to become a sales rep with Avon ($10.00-20.00) To get the lower fee sign-up with a Representative- not on the Avon website- then you will be charged $20.00- And yes it is a one-time fee. Also,you get some free brochures, fliers and samples

2. You can have your own web page to sell products and guide clients to- it cost $7.50 a month- the fee is waived only if you get a sale through your site at least once a month

3. The brochures or mini catalogs with all the Avon merchandise is only free for so long- which means you get 20 free. Afterward you have to pay for them, like 10 for less than $6.00 etc... depending on how many you want- I was told the more you order the less it costs. Also, brochures come out twice a month - you have two different ones to hand out to clients

4. Commission is 50% for each complete order total for the first 2 months- afterward it depends on the order total and the products, falls somewhere between 20-50% then

5. If someone does not pay for their order or wants to return it- you are held responsible- you ca try to re-sell the products or mail them back to Avon in a timely manner at your (I was told small)expense. And yes you can get paid upfront before putting the clients' order through

6. Avon charges each customer a 75 cent shipping and handling fee - you receive half of that, to be added to your account(I was told to let the money add up and the use it to buy the brochures)

7. When you are paid cash for your orders you can pay yourself first then send the rest to Avon- I was told this I am not sure on every small detail...

8. To make extra money you can be a recruiter- once again I was told they can make a lot of money- not to sure how much- ask a Avon Rep

9. Yes you can make some decent if not excellent cash- start with people you know, look forward to referrals and never stop talking to people and leaving the mini catalogs and fliers all over the place- Also you can get help and tips from a Avon rep and the Avon website that helps to guide,train ,and answer questions for you

10. This is cool for extra cash if you need it and are driven,flexible,and friendly
Otherwise do not quit your day job :)

*** Once you get a client- keep emailing and calling them at least, once a month to answer questions, and to see if they want to re-order from you- or if they want a new mini catalog


Monday, March 9, 2009

Best Hot Stock Picks

Divide a given interest rate into 72. The result, more or less, is the number of years needed to double your money. So a compounded 6% return doubles your money in about 12 years. A 7% return takes just over 10 years. The opposite works, too. Want to double your money in five years? You’ll need a return of more than 14% a year.

The Rule of 72 works pretty well for reinvested dividends, too, although since dividends are often paid quarterly and therefore compound more often, the wait is a touch shorter. Two conditions: The dividends must keep coming, and the stock price mustn’t plunge all the way through to the end of the waiting period. Temporary drops are OK, even welcome, since reinvested dividends will buy shares at the lower prices.
Here are some stocks that might double your money, even without big price gains. No guarantees, obviously.

14 years

You’ll need at least 5% a year in dividends. Food stocks like Heinz (HNZ) and Kraft (KFT) pay that much. So does Boeing (BA), which I particularly like. Its shares, at less than six times this year’s earnings forecast, are priced as though mankind has come up with something better than airplanes for long-distance travel. And Genuine Parts (GPC) looks likely to profit from all those cars Americans aren’t buying, since it sells the parts needed to keep old cars running.

12 years

That’ll take a 6% yield. Merck (MRK) seems capable of keeping its meaty payment coming. Philip Morris International (PM), too. Verizon (VZ), another high-yielder, is growing its broadband unit about as fast as it’s losing business in its landline division, resulting in flat profits at the moment — a fairly enviable state.

10 years

Dividends of 7% and up are suspicious. Be careful of stocks whose prices are being pounded on the likelihood that dividend cuts are coming. Pitney Bowes (PBI) seems a good bet, especially since it recently increased its payment. Egg producer Cal-Maine Foods (CALM) yields 6.9% but is something of an odd bird; it pays one-third of profits as a variable dividend. With shares at less than four times this year’s earnings forecast, such a policy could produce a yield of greater than 8%.