Sunday, May 17, 2009

Frugal Fun For Kids

Summer is nearing and the kids wants to play and have fun. Of course you want them too and spending time with them can be great, but it can also be redundant. The zoo and the park are always the classic kid friendly experience- but lets kick it up a notch. I like the following for being unique,easy and creative.
Many old-fashioned activities and outdoor games are making a comeback, but with a fresh twist. They’re homemade and often with materials you already have at home. Coincidentally, they’re frugal, too. What types of frugal activities can you do?

Here are a few fun ideas:

SENSORY BAG: You can make a sensory bag that kids (and you) will love to squish. You’ll need a plastic zip-closure baggie, hair gel, craft foamies, glitter and clear Contac paper. Fill the bag with the craft supplies and gel. Seal the bag closed and then sandwich the bag between two pieces of Contac paper. This will prevent leaking.

SIDEWALK PAINT: You’ll need ¼ cup of cornstarch, ½ cup water and food coloring. Combine the cornstarch and water. Using a small container, mix until smooth. Add a few drops of food coloring. You can make a few batches of different colors. Kids can use paintbrushes, foam paint rollers or sponges to paint the sidewalk.

WINDOW PAINT: Mix together equal parts dishwashing liquid and washable liquid paint or powdered tempera. Mix until it’s a creamy consistency. Use paintbrushes. Easy to clean from windows with a moist paper towel, too.

FLUBBER: This makes oozing, gooey, cold and wet play goop.

2⅓ cups warm water

Food coloring, optional

2 cups Elmer’s school glue

3 tablespoons borax

In one container, mix 2 cups warm water, food coloring and glue. Stir until glue has dissolved. In a separate container, combine ⅓ cup warm water and borax. Stir until borax has dissolved. Add borax solution to glue mixture, and mix with hands for about 5 minutes. Pour out extra water. Let sit for a few minutes on a tray before playing. Store in airtight container.

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