Monday, March 10, 2008

Ugh! 3's A Crowd

Best Way To Fix Up Friends

Most times we want to fix up our lonely and unhappy friends, because it just makes life for everyone a lot easier
three's a crowd anyone? Exactly- who wants to put up with the unattached friend everytime there is a social gathering?
I don't and neither do you-right? Ok so lets say the friend resents being set up, or you always pick the wrong guy or girl when you do? I have a great tip that works way better for all involved.
Throw a party and invite all the single people you and your spouse know. When you have eveyone gathered together
bring up something they have in common and leave them alone to discuss it- great ice breaker and
no will accuse you of matchmaking!- Give this a try,it works. If you notice after awhile conversation has died in the group
walk back in and do the same thing, bring up something else they all have in common. Also remember not to take the outcome personally -remember alls fair in love an matchmaking!