Sunday, April 6, 2008

Road Trip!!!

I'm Planning a driving vacation. What should we carry in case of emergencies?

You didn't say where you are going or what you're driving. If it's a new Benz and your plan is to compare pedicures from every spa and resort between Palm Springs and Palm Beach, then the only emergency kit you need is a fistful of no-limit credit cards.

But if you're simply going to tour our fruited plains and amber waves of grain, from Seattle to shining Sea Island, Georgia, don't leave home without a car phone, along with a bag packed with these potentially life-saving goodies:
Flashlight with warning beacon or red lens
Jumper cables
First aid kit; the big, semi-industrial one
Towels or clean rags
Bottle/can opener
Thermal blanket
Bungee cords or rope
Tire inflator and pressure gauge
Bottled water
Protein bars

Tool kit: Multi-tool knife, pliers, large and small Phillips and slot head screwdrivers, large and small adjustable wrenches, heavy duty tape, extra fuses and light bulbs.
Disposable camera