Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fruit Tease

Here is something fun to try with your honey to entice your evening into passion filled ectasy....
If you enjoy doing something different for your mate, this is it.
Fill the tub with water and bubbles.
Then, fill the top of the water with slices of lemon, orange, limes and grapes. Light candles around the bath.
Place a small table or stool within easy reach and leave your love's favorite book and cool drink on it. Let your love relax in the fruit scented bath. They will love it! You can also serve this book or drink in a hot outfit or nude- hey you might even be invited to hop into the tub!

Shade Tree Gardener

Gardening Under Shade Trees

If the soil under the tree is dry and root-clogged to the point where you have difficulty digging a hole, you may have to improve the soil before you can plant. A layer of organic material several inches deep is the best remedy. The tree will provide you with an abundance of organic material in the form of leaves. Chop them to the size of fifty-cent pieces with a bagging lawn mower and spread them under the tree. Sprinkle them with compost activator and keep them moist. Repeat this procedure annually until the leaves have rotted into a deep humus. Earthworms will move in and loosen the subsoil, making it possible to plant the shade garden of your dreams.

If you’re in a hurry to create your shade garden, fill your bed with container plants while you build your soil.