Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Should You Work For Avon?

I know, I know you see the t.v. commercial all the time right? Be your own boss,work your own hours, never get laid off,never get fired etc... Yea I know the Avon commercial is a real seller to the unemployed,laid-off,down sized, part-time, one income only,homemaker and all the like - right? wrong, or MAYBE... My mother was approached by an Avon Rep, who wanted to hand out her brochures and recruit warm bodies looking for extra income- why my mother gave up my name and number is beyond me- am I broke, does my job suck, do I wish to be my own boss, have unlimited earning potential- operate from home, the Internet, and on the street- at the mall even- absolutely! Ok so I was like yea I have seen the commercial ALOT lately and I wonder what is the scoop on being a Avon salesperson- what do they have to offer- can I gain anything from working with them?? Hmmm- the Avon sales rep called and before I knew it,I was writing down all the information on the company and the benefits of being an Avon salesperson. Here is the real truth (yea what they leave out of those commercials):

1. It does cost to become a sales rep with Avon ($10.00-20.00) To get the lower fee sign-up with a Representative- not on the Avon website- then you will be charged $20.00- And yes it is a one-time fee. Also,you get some free brochures, fliers and samples

2. You can have your own web page to sell products and guide clients to- it cost $7.50 a month- the fee is waived only if you get a sale through your site at least once a month

3. The brochures or mini catalogs with all the Avon merchandise is only free for so long- which means you get 20 free. Afterward you have to pay for them, like 10 for less than $6.00 etc... depending on how many you want- I was told the more you order the less it costs. Also, brochures come out twice a month - you have two different ones to hand out to clients

4. Commission is 50% for each complete order total for the first 2 months- afterward it depends on the order total and the products, falls somewhere between 20-50% then

5. If someone does not pay for their order or wants to return it- you are held responsible- you ca try to re-sell the products or mail them back to Avon in a timely manner at your (I was told small)expense. And yes you can get paid upfront before putting the clients' order through

6. Avon charges each customer a 75 cent shipping and handling fee - you receive half of that, to be added to your account(I was told to let the money add up and the use it to buy the brochures)

7. When you are paid cash for your orders you can pay yourself first then send the rest to Avon- I was told this I am not sure on every small detail...

8. To make extra money you can be a recruiter- once again I was told they can make a lot of money- not to sure how much- ask a Avon Rep

9. Yes you can make some decent if not excellent cash- start with people you know, look forward to referrals and never stop talking to people and leaving the mini catalogs and fliers all over the place- Also you can get help and tips from a Avon rep and the Avon website that helps to guide,train ,and answer questions for you

10. This is cool for extra cash if you need it and are driven,flexible,and friendly
Otherwise do not quit your day job :)

*** Once you get a client- keep emailing and calling them at least, once a month to answer questions, and to see if they want to re-order from you- or if they want a new mini catalog


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