Tuesday, January 22, 2008

B 4 Hitting The Road (pt 4)

Full Of Air

A flat tire is a headache that nobody wants. Always carry a tire pressure gauge in your glovebox and make sure your tires are properly inflated before you go on a trip. If you do happen to get a flat tire, there are a couple of items you should include in your emergency kit that will make fixing the flat quick and easy. A can of foam tire inflator can seal small punctures and help you get back on the road quickly. Make sure the inflator you buy is non-flammable. Even with using the tire inflator you need to get your tire repaired as quickly as possible since it only a temporary fix. If you need to do a tire repair while you are on the road, you should carry a tire plug kit and an air compressor that's powered by the car's cigarette lighter. Find the leak and use the plug kit to seal it and then refill the tire using the compressor. This repair will last longer than using the foam tire inflator.

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