Friday, January 25, 2008

B 4 Hitting The Road (pt 6)

Other Items

Even though it will probably lose its charge before you need it, a fire extinguisher is a good idea. A car fire could start from a wire that's worn though its insulation. Extra fuses are good to have in case a light goes out. A hose repair kit is ideal for quick repairs of leaky coolant hoses. Also, a cellular phone is good idea when help is necessary. Additional items for your kit should be a basic first-aid kit, a few quarters or a calling card for phone calls (if you don't have a cell phone), water, a blanket and some emergency food to give you an extra shot of energy when you need it. High-protein bars are a good choice because they have a long shelf life. Customize your emergency kit to fit your needs. Some items you may not have any use for and there may be things that you want to have in your vehicle that were not mentioned in this series of articles. Whatever you include, remember the idea of the emergency kit is to help you get back on the road again safely and quickly.

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shae-shae said...

The extinguisher is an excellent idea. But I'd be afraid that all my junk in the trunk (no pun intended) would somehow release the thing and I'd have a foamy mess all over my car.

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