Thursday, January 31, 2008

You Did What With Your Thoothbrush?!!

Wait! Don't throw out that ratty old toothbrush! Here are some great ways to reuse old toothbrushes:

Scrub the corners of your shower, tiles and sliding door.
Clean your keyboard.
Clean your nails after gardening.
Clean small spaces in your car that you can't get to.
Save it to clean off your cheese grater next time you use it.
Ah, yes, and let's not forget this gem ... Clean dog poop off your shoe.
You can use thoothbrushes for painting and all types of crafting projects also
Obviously, you may want to keep separate toothbrushes for some of these tasks.


Mohit Aneja said...

This is great!! Never thought of doin these things with a toothbrush...

Michael said...

Hey! That's really a great idea -- re-utilization of things instead of throwing it away. I'm also planning to come up with some ideas of decorations by re-utilization of things. Egg Shell is best. What do you think?

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