Monday, February 18, 2008

Recycle The Clutter

Get a jump on Spring cleaning this year
Let the internet help you rid your house of clutter
Wheter its clothes,books or cell phones, I have listed below how to recycle your unwanted items

Find a new home for that old computerInstead of tossing it contact the National Cristina Foundation ( will match you with a school or organization that'll be happy to take it

Clear the closetYou can donate old prom dresses for low income girls at your old business suits can helpout of work women interview for jobs if you donate them to(

Got an old cellphone?The wireless foundation reprograms phones and gives them to women at risk for domestic violenceVisit ( or for locations by you

Kids Outgrown their books?Donate them to ( which will send them to kids all over the country

Let your unused electronics help save livesOld TVs,PDAs,cameras,and MP3 players can find a new home at ( group will recycle your goods for a profit and donate the money to a national breast cancer charity

Let your old glasses help someone else seePrescription glassess or sunglasses are welcomed by ('ll clean them up and send them to people in developing countries with similar vision needs


coolingstar9 said...

Glad to join your community. I am coolingstar9, your blogs are very informative, keep it up. Have a nice day.

Jens said...

Great tips! You should also take a look at the price of scrap metal.

.75 a pound! That old broken down car, old lawnmowers , old BBQ grills and so on... can bring in a nice penny when you get them to your local recycling center!

Jens "JJ" Jensen

The Fitness Diva said...

I am seriously a clutter bug, but I'm learning to be more stern with myself about it!
I now donate anything that I haven't worn in 2 years (with the exception of a formal gown or two...can't seem to part with those!).

And paper clutter....ugh! That's the worst. Working on that!

Great site, by the way! :)