Sunday, April 27, 2008

Getting Ready for the Heat!

I’ve removed the snow tires, changed the oil, and had the salt underneath my car washed off. Do I need to do anything else to get my car ready for the warm weather?

Quite a bit, actually. Let’s start with your wipers. They slogged back and forth more dependably than snowplows, clearing the grime and brightening your vision. They sacrificed their little lives for your safety, so give them a decent burial in the proper refuse can, and install some new vision vigilantes.

Then, clean up. Lift up the wiper arms to purge all the twigs, dead leaves, weathered parking lot stubs and other debris. Clean off the air and radiator intakes.

Next, pop the hood and have your cooling system checked. If the mechanic says you need new antifreeze, but the color is still bright green or blue, you need a new mechanic. But if it's dull or obviously dirty, change it. In the interest of keeping cool (for both you and your car), have the thermostat checked. They’re cheap; so don’t be shy about replacing it. While the hood is up, check the belts and hoses.

Are your brakes grinding, squealing, screeching or chattering? Give yourself and everybody else on the road a break by going, non-stop if possible, to the best local brake specialist.

Finally, don't get the cold shoulder from too-busy air conditioning shops during their busiest season. Have your AC checked ASAP!

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