Sunday, June 15, 2008

** 100th Entry** Frugal=Free

Oh my I cannot believe this is the 100th entry I am posting for this blog. I cannot remember all the stuff I have put on here, but I hope it has made a difference in someone's life. Since this is a special and final entry ( I will be taking some time off from blogging the next 2 weeks for I am getting married next weekend on my 30th birthday) :) Anyways,I have found 10 cool tips on freebies that save you time and money. Here is what and where you can access them. And yes they are all FREE!!!

1. Learn a new language through 12 week courses (online)

2.Online business classes that teach you how to finance your ventures and write business plans etc..

3. Used household items by swapping with others

4. Expert computer help

5. Online savings and checking accounts that earn interest

6. credit reports by the top three credit bureaus

7. Directory assistance
dial 1-800-free-411

8.Get this download to filter spam more effectively

9. Create your own radio "station" with this service

10. Organize all the photos on your computer with this software download

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shaula0pink said...

wow! ur getting married! haha!
Congrats to you! :)
And happy birthday too!