Thursday, November 13, 2008

Get Paid To Shop (Really)

I have always been leary of make money companies,concepts and ideas. Earlier this year I was low on cash and and came across this program that sounded too good to be true... Wondering if I was wrong or should check this one out, I decided since it was a free program I would indulge my curiosity a bit. I was surprised to see not only was it free, but easy and a lot of fun- THEY ACTUALLY PAY YOU!! I am talking about what I believe some of you have heard about: Shopper's Hotline. This program pays you to scan all of the purchases you make each and every week ( you do this at home with a provided scanner, yes it comes with a holder to set it in, or you can do this via the internet). Every week that you particpate you earn points that add up really fast which then get redeemed and cash is then added to a Visa debit card they send you- It's that EASY. You also have chances to earn points through recording you prescription purchases and doing quick easy surveys once a month. They have monthly and quartely drawings for realy great prizes- hey, I just won a dvd player,this week as a matter of fact! I really do like working for them and you will to- If you can get picked to be a member. And yes you can use the provided Visa debit card anywhere just like any other. The whole point of Shopper's Hotline is to tell companies that make all the products you can buy- what is being sold, why and to whom, how often, and for what cost and what suppliers are selling their products the most. If you want to see if you qualify to become a Shopper's Hotline member just call: 1-877-999-2949 Ask for Operator 10 and when prompted give them this special code: 048126136
Good Luck - make that $$$ :)

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