Monday, February 9, 2009

Help! I Lost My Job

If you get fired there are some things you need and HAVE to do to keep your head above water. I have listed some top tips on getting back on your feet, even before your last check arrives in the mail. Check out these Fab 5 advice tips..

1. Fight the Firing: Protect your Unemployment Benefits
Schedule a meeting with the magazine's human resources department to discuss your firing. You'll want to file for unemployment and excessive absences may not be an acceptable reason. Produce a doctor's note. Their claim about excessive absences isn't legitimate, It's important to get your employment record expunged

2. Research your Salary and Job Options
Getting fired can be a sign that a job or employer just isn't the right fit for you. Instead of fixating on what you've lost, look toward the future. Compare your salary to others with similar education and experience to get a sense of what you can earn. Take it a step further and play around with the kinds of jobs that might be available to you. Look for something that matches your passion, your career goals and your salary requirements. Compare your salary now.

3. Reconsider your Resume
Even if the job you were fired from is super hot and enviable, you may want to leave it off your resume. If it's a first job and it's been less than two months, it's not worth the questions

4. Find a Better Gig
Your former employer will be sorry that they ever let you go when you end up working for the competition down the street. Here are some tips on how to get back on the job search train.
Tell everyone you know you're job hunting. Swallow your pride and let people know you lost your job. We mean everyone, not just your friends in certain businessess. Your yoga instructor may have another client who needs a fabulous assistant. Sometimes it really is all about who you know.
Set up "informational interviews." If you've got a friend of a friend at another fashion magazine, ask to meet her boss. She'll offer her best advice and possibly pass along more names of more people to talk to. Eventually one of those folks might offer you a job.

Get your name out there with gig after gig. If you do a great job, you'll be invited back. Don't be afraid to ask if your temp boss knows anyone else who may be looking for freelancers.

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