Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pull Over Rude Drivers!

Don't be a rude driver!

Here are some more common sense tips: Use your turn signals; obey the speed limit;
don't block the passing lane; avoid blocking the right hand turn lane; and don't take up more than one parking space.
You should also avoid parking in a handicapped spot if you are not handicapped. Don't allow you car door to hit the car parked next to you. If you drive slowly, pull over and allow faster traffic to pass. Don't act like a police officer and purposely make another vehicle slow down. Avoid unnecessary use of your high beams.
Don't let your car phone distract you from driving. Don't stop in the road to talk with a pedestrian or other driver. Don't play your car stereo loud when driving through a neighborhood.
If you do find yourself doing some rude driving habits and feel bad about them afterwards, you may want to keep a "Sorry" sign in your car as a way to apologize for your act. Although it may sound corny, it is an effective way to defuse a tense situation. You may even get the other driver to smile once he sees your "Sorry" sign.
At night, turn on your car's interior light so the other driver can see your sign. But perhaps most important of all, be courteous to other drivers.
Try this: imagine that you are not surrounded by an automobile and display manners you would use when standing next to another person. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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