Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Conserving Water

From time to time, most parts of the country experience some degree of water shortage. It may only last a week or two, or it may last long enough for us to lose some of our valuable plants, but in any case it's best to be prepared for the dry times. Here are a few tips to help you conserve water in your garden:

- Mulch helps the soil retain moisture, and also improves the appearance of your garden.

- Select native plants as often as possible. These plants are adapted to the climate in your area.

- Water less often, but more deeply, and focus on the root zones rather than the entire yard.

- Terrace steep slopes to reduce runoff.

- Maintaining a lush, green lawn requires a lot of water. Consider planting a groundcover instead.

- Sandy soils lose water because they drain quickly, and clay soils lose water to runoff. Adding organic matter to these soils will help them hold moisture. It costs nothing to start a compost pile, and in a few months you'll have a ready supply of organic matter to work into your soil.

- Recycle household wastewater from your dishwasher, bathtub and kitchen sink. You can also use water from your washing machine if you limit the use of detergents containing boron (borax) and chlorine bleach.

- Set out an old-fashioned rain barrel connected to the downspout on your house for a ready supply of water.


SBT said...

Hi La Toya: Natalie/Seabuckthorn from MyBlogLog here: Just an FYI for your readers with lawns - I recently asked a conservation/plant expert what was the ideal length for grass, and the gentleman said 7cm, which is just over 2.5 inches. You might find the whole post interesting, it's on a major Canadian news site: http://www.cbc.ca/news/yourinterview/2008/07/green_gardening.html

water saver guy said...

You can also try these things:
• Give all the small children a bath all at once in a bathtub and let them play as the water is used at that point so they should have some fun with it. Use the used bath water to water the plants before you pull the plug. Do you have a dog? he won't care that the kids took a bath first in fact I think he would like to pass on the bath all together but it would be a great time to let Fido take a dip. You can even let the water cool dress the children read them a book and get to the dog after they go to bed as the water will keep in the tub for hours.

• Repair your toilet, most toilets leak and use gobs of water. You can buy new repair kits for a fraction of the price of the water that is wasted. You can find many great kits out there, SelectAFlush is a dual flush conversion kit that saves water right away not only will it solve leaks it will save water with every flush by just using what you need. Home Depot has early close flappers that can save up to 20%. if you want to give a dual flush conversion kit a try http://www.dualflushkit.com/ you should be able to convert each toilet for under $40. good luck

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